Why do you require a free screening first?

We have everyone who comes in through the door complete a free screening before coming to classes or starting individual sessions to find the best fit for the client’s needs and goals. There is no obligation after the first screening to sign up for classes or sessions so it is also a great way to find out more before you have to commit.

What happens during a free screening?

The free screening takes fifteen to twenty minutes during which time we will ask you questions about your medical history as well as what your needs and goals are in correlation to Pilates. We help you try out using the Pilates reformer and assess what the best course of action would be once the free screening is completed. This is also a great opportunity for you to ask questions and voice any concerns you may have about beginning Pilates.

How is the evaluation different from the free screening?

The evaluation is a more in depth version of the free screening. We go into much more detail during the assessment as to your medical history and what your body needs and what you want to gain from doing Pilates. The evaluation is necessary before beginning individual sessions with one of our instructors so that they may design a program suited specifically towards your needs and goals. If you decide to join our small group class we also require an evaluation with the instructor of that class so that they may design an individualized program for you.

What should I wear to the studio?

You should wear clothing that is comfortable for you to move in but is not too loose. Sweats or yoga pants are great for moving around in with a t-shirt which fits you comfortably. We ask that you not wear any dangly jewelry at the studio for safety reasons. This may include necklaces, bracelets, and large earrings. We also ask that you take your shoes off before leaving the mats in the reception area. We do have cubbies in our studio where you may put your belongings during class or sessions.

What happens during an individual Pilates session?

After an initial intake and client goals have been established an individualized program is designed and implemented for you by the Pilates instructor, addressing your needs and working all areas of the body. During that session you may be doing mat work, using the reformers, the trapeze table, spring boards or any of the other equipment in the studio. If one of your goals is to attend the classes at the studio we also incorporate some of the class repertoire so you will be prepared when you join the class.

How do you use Pilates with Physical Therapy or vice versa?

The work we do in medical Pilates sets up a decompression in the body taking pressure off of joint structures and soft tissues which increases the efficacy of manual physical therapy. Within Pilates we will often tailor movements within each exercise for the individual to help alleviate or decrease pain and increase function.

What do you take for insurance?

Please see our studio policies.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please see our studio policies.