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1450 East St , Suite 3, Pittsfield, MA 01201 . Telephone 413.464.2512


What is Tonal Rehabilitation and Pilates?
Tonal Rehabilitation and Pilates is a full service physical therapy practice started in 2008 by owner and licensed physical therapist Jennifer R. Laurin. Jennifer has 19 years experience in all areas including in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation. We offer Pilates-based rehabilitation for all injuries including but not limited to back pain, neck pain, nerve injuries, post-op care, orthopedic diagnoses, neurological diagnoses, vertigo and balance disorders, as well as many other medical conditions and pain syndromes. Jennifer also specializes in treating injuries common to performing artists including musicians, dancers, and other performers.

What makes Tonal Rehabilitation and Pilates unique?
Treatment at Tonal Rehabilitation and Pilates is focused on the specific needs of our clients. We use a source based vs. symptom based approach. This means while specific symptoms are being addressed the issue of why the problem arose in the first place is also identified and addressed. The short term benefits include a faster resolution of symptoms. Due to improved core strength and muscle balance acquired through treatment the long term benefit is a decreased chance of recurrence.

What is Pilates and how does it work?
Pilates is a method of improving function by focusing on strengthening the postural muscles. These muscles support the body thereby allowing free range of motion of movement oriented muscles.

How do I know what service I need?
You may schedule an appointment for a free 20 minute screening to discuss your needs and concerns.

How long are the appointments?
The initial evaluation is 55 minutes in length. A regular appointment will be either 30 minutes or an hour in length depending on rehabilitative need as determined by the physical therapist.

What is a treatment like at Tonal Rehabilitation and Pilates?
Individual treatments may include a combination of gentle machine based Pilates, supportive exercises, and hands on treatment techniques.

What kinds of classes are offered at Tonal Rehabilitation and Pilates?
Pilates classes are offered on a variety of apparatus including gentle machines, and mat classes. Additionally classes are offered to address osteoporosis, shoulder/head/neck and back diagnoses as well as beginner, intermediate and advanced skill levels. To participate in our Pilates classes clients must first attend a free screening to determine skill level and rehabilitation requirements. The physical therapist will then advise which classes are appropriate for each individual client.

What plans does Tonal Rehabilitation and Pilates have for the near future?
We plan to offer Massage Therapy as well as classes in yoga, Zumba, Qi gong, Tai chi, Feldenkrais, and Alexander Technique.

What are the benefits of taking classes at Tonal Rehabilitation and Pilates?
The classes are grouped according to client rehab needs and skill level. They also enhance the rehab process by continuing the work done during the individual sessions thus speeding the recovery process.