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Jennifer Laurin PT, NCPT

Licensed Physical Therapist (MA License #10064)

Polestar Pilates Rehabilitation Graduate

Pilates Method Alliance – Certified Pilates Teacher

Jennifer Laurin, PT, NCPT received her degree in Physical Therapy in 1994 from Northeastern University in Boston. After working in a variety of settings including acute, sub-acute and homecare she began work in out-patient orthopedics. Her out-patient experiences included treating a large variety of orthopedic, cardiopulmonary and neurologic diagnoses in musicians and other clients at Tonal Rehabilitation and Pilates, LLC at 1450 East St. Suite 3 Pittsfield, Ma.

Since then Jennifer has increased her current areas of expertise to invlude TMJ dysfunction, chronic headaches and migraines, cervical, upper extremity, lower extremity, pelvic, sacral and back pain. She has evaluated and created treatments using techniques to assist artists based on their specific instruments and conducted seminars and presentations to small groups of musicians, individuals, and whole orchestras on positioning, recruitment of postural muscles, breathing and movement patterns and injury prevention.

Jennifer’s treatment style and expertise are manually based incorporating: core/postural/spinal strengthening programs, myofascial release, neuromuscular technique, strain-counterstrain (positional release), and elements of Feldenkrais and Alexander techniques, cranio-sacral therapy and Mulligan technique.

Jennifer’s musical background includes studying piano at Berkshire Music School and flute in the Pittsfield Public Schools. She graduated from Berkshire Music School in 1988 (previously Pittsfield Community Music School) and continues to enjoy playing both instruments at home while encouraging her daughters’ vocal, Suzuki flute and violin educations.

Jennifer Laurin’s professional memberships include: The American Physical Therapy Association: Orthopedic Section and Performing Arts Special Interest Group, Performing Arts Medical Association and TUFTS Orofacial Pain Society, Pilates Method Alliance